Current Series

Easter 2019

Have you ever felt like you’ve placed all of your eggs in one basket? All your hopes and dreams? God did. He placed all of His eggs in a single basket on Easter but even if you’re not yet, you’ll be glad He did. Easter reminds us what the basket is and why we can be so thankful for it and the God who did it.

Your Life: Better

Jesus came to make life better; better for you and me, better for the world around us, even better for the universe that will be restored to the way it was always designed to be. But how do we experience that in our day-to-day lives? How can we live the abundant life Jesus promised in a world that feels like so much less?

Whose Kids Are These?

Did she really just do that? Did he really just say that? Do they really believe that? With long days and short years, parenting can feel like we never get to stop and reflect—we’re always reacting in the moment. When we admit what’s broken, ask for help and apply wisdom, we’ll discover that things can be different in our home and our lives. Let’s learn some of these principles together and watch God change our families.

Stand Alone Messages

Every now and then we have weeks that stand alone in their messaging and content.

Walkie Talkie

Is the reception between God and you getting a little more static than usual? As we try to balance all the priorities of life there is a growing pull away from taking time and energy to connect with God in prayer. We will look at one of the greatest prayers ever recorded and discover what might be the fresh start you need to a relationship that’s been waiting the whole time.

The Grass isn't Greener

It’s a brand new year with the same old temptations. Your neighbor got a new car for Christmas, you just got passed over for that promotion at work, and your kids aren’t doing as well in school as you’d hoped? Sometimes the things we want most are not what we’d want at all if we had them. We’re going to learn how to be content with today as we pursue tomorrow … together.

Christmas at the Movies

Christmas is a time filled with hope and wonder. There are moments we will never forget. Some of the most classic films that we remember center around Christmas. This year we will reflect on some of those films and how we find the truths that God has been sharing for thousands of years in them and in the Bible. Celebrate Christmas at the movies with us.


“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.” Maybe you’re in a situation or a season where things seem to be falling apart or you are just waiting for the tide to turn, God hasn’t forgotten you. We’ll discover the truth and hope of God’s love and presence in our lives, even when it doesn’t feel like it, through someone who lived it firsthand.


Where are you going? That question can come from much different perspectives and places. We’ll explore where we’re going together and how you can answer that for yourself. Seeing what the future can hold turns present challenges and past mistakes into important lessons.

This Is Us

We all value something. Our values create decisions and our decisions create direction. Some of us love the direction of our lives and the values are worth protecting and some of us are wondering how to change our direction and it starts with shaping the values we want to have. Join us as we shape and share the values that will steer our lives, our families and our church.

Vision Weekends 2018

Invitations can pretty ordinary, the same instructions sent to everyone and expectations for what comes back and when. Being inviting is totally different; it’s a personal and direct way of interacting with people that doesn’t place expectations on them for how we act. Becoming an inviting family in our homes, our neighborhoods, our workplaces and our church is so essential, we’re going to wonder why we didn’t start sooner.