Current Series

Christmas at the Movies

Christmas is a time filled with hope and wonder. There are moments we will never forget. Some of the most classic films that we remember center around Christmas. This year we will reflect on some of those films and how we find the truths that God has been sharing for thousands of years in them and in the Bible. Celebrate Christmas at the movies with us.


“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.” Maybe you’re in a situation or a season where things seem to be falling apart or you are just waiting for the tide to turn, God hasn’t forgotten you. We’ll discover the truth and hope of God’s love and presence in our lives, even when it doesn’t feel like it, through someone who lived it firsthand.


Where are you going? That question can come from much different perspectives and places. We’ll explore where we’re going together and how you can answer that for yourself. Seeing what the future can hold turns present challenges and past mistakes into important lessons.

This Is Us

We all value something. Our values create decisions and our decisions create direction. Some of us love the direction of our lives and the values are worth protecting and some of us are wondering how to change our direction and it starts with shaping the values we want to have. Join us as we shape and share the values that will steer our lives, our families and our church.

Vision Weekends 2018

Invitations can pretty ordinary, the same instructions sent to everyone and expectations for what comes back and when. Being inviting is totally different; it’s a personal and direct way of interacting with people that doesn’t place expectations on them for how we act. Becoming an inviting family in our homes, our neighborhoods, our workplaces and our church is so essential, we’re going to wonder why we didn’t start sooner.


Our world seems to be constantly having the next conversation. Maybe you feel overwhelmed over just left behind. This summer we will take a trending topic on social media and consider how God approaches it and we can approach conversations with people in our lives.

Father's Day 2018

Guest Speaker Karl Mecklenburg, former Denver Bronco All-Pro Linebacker, shares his story.


Too often when people think about church and followers of Jesus we are known for what we are against. We long to be a community known for who and what we are for. That’s why the #foraurora series is more than just a series, we hope it’s the beginning of something incredibly special for our community that everyone can be a part of, where we all work together for the good of those around us.

Mother's Day 2018

Between the busy work we fill our lives with and the pressures of parenting, being a mom is more than a full-time job. Even the worry can feel like work but God has given us a unique perspective for all of us to consider and especially moms. There can be joy in the ordinary when we know what it’s there for.

Jesus Never Said That

A lot of people have turned away from faith for a bunch of different reasons; some are
deeply personal and some because life just seemed to drift in that direction. Unfortunately for a
lot of people, they drifted from Jesus because of things He actually never said. Come learn
about what Jesus is really all about as we discuss some of the biggest lies we believe about

Easter 2018

Two thousand years ago something happened. No matter what you believe about it, the world changed.
From one of the darkest moments in human history the greatest movement began. From one historic act there have been countless lives impacted in spite of the adversity and challenges they faced along the way.
Discover the historic reality that reminds us of why the resurrection happened and why you can believe it.