A timeless way to celebrate the last 40 years of faithfulness is to invest in the next together


Here at Eastern Hills, 40 years ago, a really committed group of people began to dream and imagine what could be, on our side of town. They gave of their time, their talent, and their treasures. We’re able to stand upon that foundation of faith all of these years later.

Be a Part of the Legacy Fund

Over the last 40 years, people invested to help create what Eastern Hills is today. And we have a chance to invest in what Eastern Hills can become tomorrow. Whether you’ve been here from the very beginning, or, like most of us, joined us along the way, we all have a chance to put our stamp on the legacy of Eastern Hills. Maybe you’ve never given to Eastern Hills before. The Legacy Fund is a great opportunity for you to try it out. You might be looking for a way to give a year-end gift to your church this season. You can give directly to the Legacy Fund and springboard us into our next 40 years together! Would you join in on that Legacy today?