Raising Boys & Girls - Helpful tips in all stages of parenting

by Matt Youngstrand on

Parenting is one of the best jobs and most important responsibilities that God gives us. If you're like me (and pretty much every other parent I know) you want to not only get it right, but parent in a way that is your kids grow into adults that love God and others well. We're really excited to have some great video resources for you as your parent boys and girls. Sissy Goff and David Thomas are counselors and experts on adolescent development. I have 3 girls and loved Sissy's content and advice in parenting them as the grow through the phases. As a Family Pastor and uncle to boys I watched all of the parenting boys videos as well!

Here is a link to gain access to David and Sissy's content. You'll receive a confirmation email with the link where you'll need to quickly make an account with Name/Email.

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