What is the Dollar Change Club?

We all want to make a difference but sometimes are not sure if on our own we can make an impact. That is what Dollar Change Club is all about. We believe that we can do more when we come together. As a community, we experience how something small like $1 can become something big when we work together.

Here's how it works. On Dollar Change Club Weekends, we challenge the people of Eastern Hills to give $1 and only $1 per person. Then we go and find an individual or an organization in our community that we can support. 

Take a look below and hear how your $1 made an impact.

Dollar Change Club Stories



Nominate a Recipient

Now comes the fun part! We are looking for a person or organization to give these dollars to. We will be sure to share the story of the impact we all made as a team. It is amazing to think of the effect our dollar can have on an individual who needs a hand up or a group who is doing great things in our community.

We can’t wait to share stories about the difference we all can make, $1 at a time! If you know someone or an organization that would benefit from the Dollar Change Club, click below.


For more information on Dollar Change Club, contact Kendal Hommes, Reach Out Pastor at .