Family Dedication

What is the Family Dedication Service?

This is an opportunity for us to join together as a faith community to celebrate the gift that these children are and to commit to partner together to love them and raise them to know Jesus.

We believe this is a powerful moment for parents, kids, and extended family … and it’s something that followers of Jesus have been doing for thousands of years. You will commit as parents to do your best to point your children toward Jesus, modeling for them the love, forgiveness, and grace of God. And, you’ll commit to being honest about when you fall short in those areas so that your children can see and understand the Gospel of Jesus as it gets worked out in our daily lives.

When is the Family Dedication Service scheduled?

Family Dedications are a couple of times throughout the year. Our next Family Dedication will be Mother's Day Weekend, May 12, 2024.


For more information on Family Dedication, contact our Family Pastor at