You Carry Heaven

If you know someone who works at Chick Fil A, see what happens when you say thank you for something. Even though they’re not at work I bet they’ll say ‘my pleasure’ every now and then. That culture and that idea has gone with them, even when they aren’t in a specific place.
Over the last few weeks we have been in a series called ‘Heaven Here,’ where we’ve been talking about the ‘already, not yet’ aspect of our faith. Lots of people wanted Jesus to establish an earthly kingdom to rule over but the kingdom he was introducing was bigger than that, it was about someday and TODAY. And that is still true today.
As a matter of fact you are a walking ambassador of this kingdom everywhere you go and in every relationship. In the next couple weeks you can show people that following Jesus isn’t just about heaven someday or a place on Sunday but wherever you are today and how you can connect with Jesus’ and His work today. Can your ‘my pleasure’ response become a simple invitation to ask where they are going for Easter and if they don’t know, invite them to come with you to Eastern Hills? 
Is it a risk? Of course, but certainly not the kind of risk God took on you.  The hope of Heaven isn’t just where you’re going, it’s what lives inside you right now and the power of Jesus shows up in those conversations. Hopefully an invite to Easter isn’t your first conversation but God can use it no matter what.  This Easter, show the kingdom with your invitation. 
Praying for your opportunities,
Pastor Phil
PS. Be on the lookout for some practical and fun videos from Kendal on how to do an invite as Easter approaches!

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