Why is a Generous Life Important?

Why is a Generous Life Important?

There is a life that we were made for—it’s a life that is always expanding, always deepening, and always growing. This life is only found in Jesus and only experienced as we follow Jesus. This is especially true in the area of generosity. The relentless generosity that God shows to us should be reflected in our growing generosity toward others. 

We’ve identified four stages of a growing generous life. These stages simply give each of us a way to think about our personal expression of generosity and how God is inviting us to grow in this area.


Beginning to experience my potential in giving through Eastern Hills. Could I make a one-time financial gift today?


Making my giving to God through Eastern Hills a regular part of my budget. What could I give on a regular basis?


Giving a growing percentage of my income to God through Eastern Hills. What percentage is God asking me to give this year?


Committing to the vision of Eastern Hills so much that I give beyond my normal percentage. In what areas is God leading me to give beyond my growing percentage?

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