What Happens When I Give to Eastern Hills?

When you give to Eastern Hills, your generosity fuels the mission of helping people experience the truth that Jesus makes life better. You’re a part of creating environments for kids, students, and adults to hear the message of who Jesus is and how it can make a difference in their lives—both for today and forever.

Your giving also goes toward our support of the ministry partners we work with both here in the Denver metro area and around the world. We believe that when we give in practical ways to those who have real, tangible needs, we are an extension of the love and compassion of Jesus. The love of Jesus shouldn’t be only a spiritual reality—it should bring real change to real people’s lives. That’s why we partner with organizations like Sox Place, Villages of Hope in Zambia, Restoration Outreach Project, Delores Project. It’s also why we give away over a thousand meals at Thanksgiving, provide ultra-low cost Christmas presents through our Christmas Store, and serve families with food and clothing every month through our Marketplace Ministry.

All of those things only happen because of people like you. When you give, you’re a part of all of those things.

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