Unto Us: Mighty God

Week Two: December 5-6 - Mighty God - "Joy"
**Luke 1:39-45 - Mary Visits Elizabeth
**Activity - Family Christmas Movie Night
Read Luke 1:39-45
“For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given;
and the government shall be upon his shoulder,
and his name shall be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”
Isaiah 9:6
Mighty: characterized by superior power and strength. Mighty brings to mind those who can lift cars or destroy a competitor in arm wrestling. Mighty describes someone who is unlike those around them. While we cannot always describe might, when we see it, we know it. This is true for Jesus too. When people came into contact with Jesus, they could not help but experience His might. He was powerful and strong beyond anyone around Him, and yet very little of His might was attached to physical brute strength. There was something about Jesus that made people pause and take note of His goodness, kindness, joy, passion, and so much more. Jesus became the physical representation of our Mighty God here on earth.
One of the most amazing moments of Jesus’ might came before He was even born. While He was still in the womb, Jesus’ mom, Mary, approached a fellow pregnant member of her family and the might of Jesus took over. Elizabeth, Mary’s family, knew there was something unique and powerful about Mary’s baby because the baby in her womb flipped! That’s right, Elizabeth’s baby did a somersault just because he was near another baby to be! Clearly, Jesus was more than just a child; He was someone to take note of. Before Jesus could breathe, walk, heal others, die for all of us, or come back to life, He was a buffer of God’s incomparable power. Jesus truly is our Mighty God and has been since before He was born.
The beauty of having a Mighty God is that we do not have to be mighty. We do not have to have all the answers, we do not have to change the world on our own, we do not have to earn our place with God, and we do not have to lift cars or win at arm wrestling. God already showed that He is capable, even before Jesus was born. God can handle you and your world, no matter what you throw at Him. We can face each day with joy, knowing God has already proved His might every single day from the beginning of time. We can take deep breaths as we find joy and do somersaults as we rest in the one who can defeat death. Our Mighty God already has us so let yourself celebrate!
Guess what? We have a way to celebrate together this week! On Friday, December 11th,  schedule a family movie night. Plan a stress-free dinner, buy some popcorn, and be on the couch at 6 pm for a movie night in your own home. You can sign up to watch with us by going to We also have our chat in the app available, so feel free to comment along as our families have some fun in our own homes, yet together! Want to spread joy? Buy some popcorn and candy for your friends or neighbors and invite them to join you on Friday night in their own homes! Christmas movies remind us to laugh and rest in joy, and social distancing cannot keep us from resting in our Mighty God “together.”

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