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Halloween 2020

by Kendal Hommes on October 29, 2020

"'The only holiday when neighbors knock on our doors and ask us to be generous with them. Strangers coming with their hands out asking for a blessing.' - Alexandra Kuykendall.
The blessing they are asking for is some candy and by the end of the night, they’ll have enough to make them sick for days.
Whether you love Halloween or can’t stand this evil holiday you have to admit it is a great opportunity to meet people in your neighborhood. An opportunity that all of us can take advantage of this year."
This is how I started my Halloween blog last year. Halloween is probably going to be crazy different this year, but I think there is still an opportunity to be a blessing to our neighbors. 
During COVID as a church and as an outreach pastor I have been encouraging you to check on your neighbors and check on them often, especially the ones you don’t see very often of the ones that don’t venture outside all that much. I hope you are doing that and continue doing that as we head into the winter months. If there are ways that you can help, go for it. If it’s something bigger, but you think maybe Eastern Hills can help let us know with an email to
I also think that COVID is going to give us a new possibility this year at Halloween too. Depending on your level of comfort with interacting with other people I’m sure there will be trick-or-treaters out in your neighborhood this weekend. So being as careful as possible (wear a mask, individually wrapped candies, hand sanitizer, maybe even standing/sitting outside if it’s warm enough) what if as you filled kids bags you just asked mom and dad a quick question? 
“You guys doing okay in this season?” 
You might get a hurried “Yes” response which is fine, or you might get a more honest response. 
Your response could be something like “We’re always here if you need anything.” 
Obviously try to have that conversation without being creepy or weird. 
That might not seem like a big deal, but if you have that exchange with a number of your neighbors on Halloween, they will know that you see them, you care, and you are available if they ever need anything. 
Not too comfortable with trick-or-treaters coming to your door.
Maybe you can build a candy chute delivery system like this.  
Whatever you do, be safe, have fun, and take advantage of the one night a year everyone comes to your door.

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