A 'Normal' Easter

Remember when we went to sporting events? It’s wild that it's been a year of watching sports, when they were happening, on TV without much of a chance to enjoy them in person. There is a convenience to watching them on TV for sure. You get to see all the best angles, you don’t have to pay for tickets and it takes so much less time. So, why do I like going to games? Easy... it’s for everything beyond the final score. The drive to the stadium, hanging out with friends, enjoying the ambiance of the game, and enjoying the highest highs and the lowest lows...together. There is no more exhilarating way to celebrate a Broncos win than walking back and forth down the massive ramp structure with thousands of new friends together. 
Over the past year, we have experienced church kind of like sports too. Sure... there have been more chances to physically gather but some of our ‘normal’ just hasn’t existed. This week I would encourage you to reintroduce a couple of ‘normal’ things into how you celebrate this holiday together.
First, join us for our Good Friday experience exclusively online. You can find it at It will be a wonderful time to look at Good Friday from some new perspectives and share communion in our own homes or with some close friends. I know that maybe Good Friday isn’t a normal tradition for you. It wasn’t for me as a kid either, but it can be that ‘drive to the stadium’ element of Easter that could help connect the dots for you this year.
Second, invite someone to come to Easter services with you. I know that invitation is hard this year and that having to reserve a seat can feel a little awkward but let me give you a quick script of how this conversation goes. 
You - “What are you doing for Easter this year?”
Friend/Neighbor - “You know, the normal stuff, egg hunts, dinner with family, etc.”
You - “Well, no pressure at all but we’d love to have you join our family for Easter service at our church. I could even reserve your spot!”
From there the conversation could go a lot of places but it’s probably simpler than you think. Easter is gonna be great and I’m thrilled to celebrate with more folks this year than ever before between our in-person and online experiences. You will get WAY more out of it if you take these two steps.
We get to celebrate the win of eternity by remembering Jesus’ resurrection but let’s celebrate more than just a convenient service, let’s embrace a wider understanding of His gift for us.
See you this weekend,

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