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What to Pray For

Updated March 17, 2020


In this time, it is important to remember the importance and power of prayer. We as a staff, have put together a list of things you can pray for during this time.

 1. Calm assurance from God

2. Dispelling of fear and worry

3. Opportunities to help our neighbors and community

4. Wisdom in guidance and decision making

5. Global gospel advice

6. Willingness and calmness in following instructions

7. Healing for those affected 

8. Strength for families and friends affected

9. Strength in faith over fear

10. The doctors, nurses and caregivers that are helping

11. For those who have lost their jobs or fear losing them

12. Students who are feeling distraught and loss over their school year (especially those who are upperclassmen) 

13. Specific people in your life

14. For individuals to have perseverance

15. Families and individuals suffering from food insecurity 

We have an opportunity to sign up to pray from 8-5 each day in thirty minute increments. 

Let's pray

We want you to know you are not alone in any of this. We are praying, as a staff, for those surrounding us and our world.