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We didn't rent anything...

Posted by Phil EuBank on

Usually, on weekends like Easter, we have some stuff we rent to help create the feeling we’re aiming for in the room. For the last ten years, we’ve been working to catch up in the auditorium with all of our audio, video and lighting gear. That changed this Easter thanks to you.

In October 2017, we began a three-year project to raise 3 million dollars and with it to significantly improve our large group environments and to expand parking. We are nearly 19 months into that campaign that we call Re:Vision and we have finished the auditorium!

A new sound system, a new video system, new laser projectors, an LED wall (more about that in a minute) and all new lighting! If you were with us this weekend for Easter you couldn’t miss it and it was so special to have no limits on the possibilities of what we could create for people at Easter, all without debt! If you missed our Easter services you can watch them here.

If you were around this fall you heard me say that our LED wall was going to be too expensive and just not feasible right now, but thanks to our partners at a company called Diversified, we were able to add the stage level LED wall and stay IN BUDGET! It was a miracle and we were so excited to see all of it come alive this weekend.

We’re not ‘done,’ and hopefully, we never will be, but if you give to Re:Vision, you have allowed us to catch up and get on a path of ongoing maintenance and upgrades over time.

We know that there were people who had an experience with God, either in the room or online,  that they were open to because their expectations were completely blown away and that’s thanks to your sacrifice...I can’t thank you enough for being willing to believe that Jesus makes life better for you and He wants to do that for so many more too.

Next up is parking and we’ll be talking about that in the coming months but I wanted to thank you for your faithfulness and celebrate this moment!