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Who are you Inviting?

Posted by Phil EuBank on

During the last few weeks we have been in a series that focuses on how we relate to God and grow in the valleys of our lives. As a part of this series we have introduced a new song called, “Reckless Love.”

Several of the lines of this song echo a passage from Jesus in Luke 15 where Jesus shares His priorities. “There will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.” (Luke 15:7). Many of us know what it’s like to have God come after us as the one who strayed. A lot of people at Eastern Hills have been found by God after they gave up on Him or church at some point in their past. Often the connection point to coming back to God is through a relationship where someone invited them to try a different kind of church at Eastern Hills.

Easter is one of those special moments where people are expecting to connect with faith, even if it’s just a cultural expectation of church. Our hope is that people who have found it to be so much more than that (people like you!), can help others find the same hope. Even if your friends or family don’t expect to meet God in our time together, we have seen God meet people so often in those moments of invitation.

I want to personally encourage you to remember what it felt like to be the one that God pursued. And, as you remember that, ask God to help you see that person in your life who God wants to pursue through you! Finally, ask for the courage to hope that Easter could grow for you this year—that it would be about the new life you found through the resurrection of Jesus and that it would also be about the new life He offers to other people in your life.

Praying for boldness,

Pastor Phil


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