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When the Switch Flips

Posted by Phil EuBank on

I’m a slow learner...really. I always have been. My peers in school would grab a new concept quickly and it seemed like their ability to excel in school was second nature to them, while I was overwhelmed and confused. I spent hours getting C’s and they would spend a few minutes and get an A. There has been a benefit though...even though it takes me longer to learn something, once the switch flips it sticks. Whatever the subject was, whoever the character we were studying; I can remember concepts from Middle School like I’m still in the room when the switch flipped.

Maybe you aren’t a slow learner in school, maybe it all came really easy (I’m married to one of those!), but there are other areas in our lives where switches get flipped too. Easter creates a unique moment for lots of people who never come to church or who only come a couple times a year. For them it’s not about hearing some new argument or the best song they’ve ever sung, it’s about God flipping their switch. I can remember significant moments in my spiritual life where God has flipped a switch of understanding or experience that takes me to another level of understanding or depth in my walk with Him.

It can be easy to prioritize our own traditions on weekends like this one and forget that God is going to flip the switch for a lot of people and if we’re willing to flex just a little, that group can be even bigger. I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who are coming on Saturday night, serving at some point throughout the weekend or even parking in the overflow lot. Your commitment to our community is what allows us to reach more people and see God flip the switches of a lot of people and families over the next few days.

Let’s pray together that the thousands upon thousands God will bring can have the kind of connection to our community and the resurrection that empowers an echo for years to come.

Grace and peace,



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