What's on Your Wishlist?

Posted by Matt Feria on

I know that I am not the only one who rushes to make a list of everything that I want for Christmas as soon as December hits. Or November… okay, October. It’s finally the time of year when I can ask all of my loved ones for the things I want without it being weird, and I do not plan to waste it.

It’s times like this when I realize how much time we spend looking for more: more new gadgets, more toys, more clothes, more decorations. And I think that if we’re honest with ourselves, this isn’t just a mentality that’s reserved for the holidays. Whether it’s December or July, we are always after the next big thing. We often let our desire for more consume us.

While this may seem appealing at times, Jesus has a better life to offer us. In Philippians 4 of the New Testament, Paul teaches us that contentment does not come from our situation or the stuff that we have. True joy can only come when God strengthens us to find our joy in Him. So this Christmas, I pray that the “more” that we all seek after is more of God’s presence in our lives. It is when our joy is found in Him that we begin to recognize all of the joys of this time of year for what they are: gifts from a heavenly father who loves us.

Merry Christmas!


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