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What’s automatically important in your life?

Posted by Phil EuBank on

Mortgage, car payment, utilities, netflix...what’s so important in your life that paying for it is automatic? More and more, we make the most important financial commitments the type of things that happen without having to remember, or maybe even forgetting about.

I can remember shortly after getting married and moving for Graduate school that the local utility had flipped our address with our neighbor and it was a nightmare to fix. Without automation, I was sending in checks, but there was this gap between what each of us owed and the notice that was being sent to the wrong address! I always go in now and check really diligently that the address is correct and that payment is automated.

I don’t know if you have a budget, if you’re underwater financially or if you’re making so much money that you don’t even worry about - that’s gotta be nice! No matter what situation you’re in, if you’re a follower of Jesus we have been talking about the rhythms of a better life that help us experience the full life Jesus died to provide. One of the ways we’ll discuss this weekend is how we develop ongoing habits of generosity. Money is simply one of those unshakable litmus tests of where our heart and lives truly are.

Bottom line; your money will either serve God or be’s your choice.

If Eastern Hills is your church home and you’re a follower of Jesus looking to add these rhythms to your life, I want to make a deal with you. If you automate your giving this week by setting up a recurring financial gift, we will celebrate that step with you by paying for you to be a part of Financial Peace University. FPU provides an experience where you will be introduced to proven methods of digging out of whatever hole you’ve dug financially and show you the path to financial freedom where one day you’ll never worry about money again. It’s a great experience and we’ll cover the $100 for you to be a part of it. Already been a part of FPU? Then we’ll provide a session with a professional financial planner who can advise you on what best next steps you might want to consider in your life financially.

We’re not doing this because WE, Eastern Hills, needs this. We’re doing very well because of the generosity of so many and God is doing incredible things with those resources in our local community, our region and around the world! We’re doing this because YOU need this. I know money can be a touchy subject and many of you have begun to give for the very first time and making giving a priority in your life by automating it is the step that God may be calling you to take.

So please talk about it, think about it and pray about it this week as we prepare to spend time in worship and finish our series this weekend. God wants to show up in your life, and your financial priorities are the key to giving Him access to places you’ve never heard from Him before...take a step.

You can learn more and set up a recurring gift here: And if you have any questions please reach out to Anthony Alvino at .

See you this weekend ehills…

Pastor Phil


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