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The Hope of Easter

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Hi! My name is Nicole and I am a junior at Cherokee Trail High School. Or at least I was until my school district shut down face-to-face learning due to Covid-19, and switched to online classes. As a tennis player, this also meant that I no longer had practice. It’s been a few weeks and I miss life the way it was before. I miss getting to see my friends, going to practice, and studying at Legends with classmates. The rhythm of the life I'm used to living has been thrown off.

At first I was okay, who doesn’t like a bit of a break, but then it became more serious as cases began to grow and spread closer to our community. Covid-19 was no longer something that was in Italy or Washington, it was here. That was scary to think about. Now when I look outside on warm days, I don’t see children playing or people biking as often as I did before. The whole world has been forced to slow down.

The more I think about it, the less I'm sure that it is such a bad thing. In our lives we are used to going at full speed all the time. We move from one activity to the other. From school to practice to homework, only stopping to talk to people for a short amount of time. Because of Covid though, we have been forced to stop moving, and I believe that it’s in these moments of stillness that we see God move the most. In this time we get to be around our family, to talk to one another and for once listen because we don’t have anywhere to go. With nothing to distract us we are blessed to spend time with the people we love. We are used to the rhythms of our lives but this sudden, unwelcome, change isn’t all bad.

My family, for example, usually spends Easter with friends, but now we get a chance to make new memories. By slowing down we get to take the focus of Easter from egg hunting to worshiping together as a family while having fun. Easter is about the hope of Jesus’ resurrection. Hope. Which is something we need right now. Hope and faith to trust that God has a plan, and even if tomorrow is unknown, even if we have a million and one things to worry about, God is still with us; because if Jesus could defeat death and rise again, He can get us through this too.


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