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I'm an Eagle Scout

Posted by Phil EuBank on

It’s true, I’m an Eagle Scout. As a matter of fact, I’m an Eagle Scout with a medal of heroism and three eagle palms, now it seems totally logical but not when I was a kid. When I was a kid I was in a family that was pretty dysfunctional at times and we had recently relocated...

Reaching Out at Halloween

Posted by Kendal Hommes on

Have you ever had a bad day, a bad week, or even longer. I had a bad September. It started with a vacation to Cabo where we experienced Tropical Storm Linda and had multiple days with no electricity and no running water. We returned home to a death in our family and then multiple family members...

Close To Me But Far From God

Posted by Phil EuBank on

  I don't know about you but sometimes when I'm in a crowd I like to blend in. I know there are people around me that I could be talking to and getting to know but sometimes I just don't want to. If someone needs help or looks like they want to talk then I'll speak up but I often don't...