#JMLB | Gina's Story

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Only recently, in my 46 years of life, I've learned to keep Jesus as my daily guiding light through the continuous fight with depression & "drowning in the anxiety of other people's perception of me." Jesus kept me obeying God's word about divorce and that my husband is not my enemy. Jesus heard my prayers to open my husband's heart and he accepted Jesus for himself this year. It was not my responsibility to change him. I declared I did not want to miss any church this year because I needed it to survive. My husband has only missed a few Sundays so far. Jesus has shown me my insecurities and I'm working on releasing them. I fervently prayed for this year to change the outlook I had on my life. And I can faithfully say changes have been happening. I pray that our young adult kids will find Jesus for themselves now. Thank you Jesus. Thank you EHills.


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