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Eastern Hills has a mission statement to invite everyone to experience that Jesus Makes Life Better. Chance Georgia’s story and involvement within our church is the perfect example of that mission statement coming to life. Chance is a thirteen-year-old, eighth-grade student at Fox Ridge Middle School and the youngest of three, originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Two years ago, in October of 2017, his father, Brad Georgia, received a job offering in Colorado and Chance, as well as the rest of his family, left Wisconsin and relocated to Aurora, Colorado.

Chance was introduced to Eastern Hills by one of his friends at school, about a month after relocating. He started attending middle school midweek group each week. He went from being the new kid at school and testing his limits of popularity, to gaining a positive influencer in his life, Jason, Ehills Building Manager, and becoming a positive influence for his own friends. After attending midweek group for about a month, he introduced his family of five to Eastern Hills, too. After the first service his family attended, they all fell in love with the environment, message and passion behind Eastern Hills and decided, as a family, to call this church their new home. 

Now, Chance spends Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings working on the tech point crew, helping where is needed. He has done everything starting out with photography before and during services and later progressed to learning and working with Videography. 

In addition to Chance growing and getting involved within Eastern Hills, he has gotten his big sister and Mom involved, too. His older sister, Brittany, works as a Kids point crew member, when needed and has become a communications intern, working with our creative team weekly.  His mother, Jacque, has become apart of our prayer team after each service. Chance was shown that Jesus does make life better because of Eastern Hills and later showed the rest of his family that, too. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with Chance to ask about his experience not just in Eastern Hills, but in Colorado. And this he said. 

“I just wanted to fit in. Eastern Hills and all of the staff have given me a place to do just that. I heard them say that ‘No matter where you've been, what you've done or who you are...we're so glad you're here and we want Eastern Hills to be a place that you can call home.’ I think anyone that goes here can really feel that statement come to life within our church."


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