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Christmas Services: Not Merely for Us

Posted by Phil EuBank on

This is a unique Christmas for our family. We AREN’T traveling! Every year of our kids’ lives we have traveled on Christmas Day and, while there have been fun parts of it, I am so excited for the chance to soak in the day with our family.

A lot of our trips as a family are road trips, long car rides across the country in our minivan. It feels challenging but to think about the first Christmas puts it all into perspective. Today we travel at highway speeds with climate-controlled and comfortable seating the whole time. Mary and Joseph traveled nearly 90 miles, uphill to get to Bethlehem and Mary most likely rode on a donkey while she was nine months pregnant! But with all of the challenges leading up to Jesus’ birth everything slowed down and they could finally experience the moment they had been waiting for.

My sincere hope for you is that Christmas Eve can be sort of a reminder for you of that type of a moment. With all the hurry of this season; from Amazon Prime to late night cooking to decorating everything we all need to catch our breath and remember that first Christmas.

And I bet you know some people in your life that need that same gift this time of the year. They’ve been scrambling with busy schedules and heavy expectations but church isn’t a priority. God put them in your life for this exact moment, to invite them to an experience they’ll never could change their eternity.

Christmas Eve services are not merely for us.  The power and hope of Jesus is for everyone and it can change anything in your life and the lives of those around you.

Looking forward to meeting many of your friends and family this Christmas season.

Grace and peace this season,

Pastor Phil


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