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Chick-fil-A is closing!

Posted by Phil EuBank on

Have you ever wanted Chick-fil-A on a Sunday? My guess is that unless you’re a vegetarian the answer is yes but you know you can’t ever have it on a Sunday, the business isn’t open anywhere that day of the week. But for the Chick-fil-A just a few blocks from us they will be closing at the end of this month to remodel for a couple months - it’s a big deal! People are genuinely concerned for how they’re going to survive without it. How frustrating will it be when you want that sweet tea, chicken sandwich and waffle fries to drive right by a Chick-Fil-A that you can’t get into?

Kidding aside, it’s an inconvenience but we’ll all make it through (and we’ll have Chick-fil-A at Movie Night on the 25th). What’s really tough though is that we have a problem this fall too. We have people that drive by on Sundays and there simply isn’t a spot for them to park and they keep going. As a matter of fact, with more than 90% of people around us not going to church we definitely DON’T want them to get the message that we don’t have room for them.

As a part of becoming an inviting family we believe in making room for people to be a part of our weekend gatherings and Sunday morning is prime time. We are going to continue to explore the best ways to fit people into our parking lot but we are not in a spot (yet) to add parking spaces. This is where I need your help - did you know that we have a Saturday night service?

Saturday night attendance is an incredible way to help us increase Sunday morning parking availability. I know that you have a routine and a schedule but if you can commit to coming on Saturday nights for September and October you will be literally letting people in on what God is doing at Eastern Hills and immediately helping us and you become an inviting family.

It’s one thing to be inconvenienced with chicken but it’s something so much greater to unintentionally turn people away from the hope and the help that might make the ultimate difference in their life and family this year.

Please pray and plan on helping us with this over the next couple months.

Grace and peace,



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