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New Year's Resolutions- Did you make one?

Posted by Phil Bettison on

I’ve decided to answer texts more quickly. I can easily mull over a simple response for several hours. I’ve also decided to tell people when I’m praying for them or when I’m thinking about them. Did you make a new year’s resolution? Was it health related? Spiritual?...

Christmas Advent Devotion Week 5

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Week 5 (Dec 24-Dec 25) Read Matthew 2:1-18. The wise men would not have been Jewish. Their arrival is one of the first indications that Jesus came for the whole world, not just the people of Israel. What groups of people do you unconsciously (or consciously) exclude from God’s love?...

Advent Week 4

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Week 4 (Dec 17-Dec 23) Read Luke 2:1-7. What made Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem? How do you think they would have reacted when they found out they had to make this long trip near the end of Mary’s pregnancy? Caesar Augustus issued a decree that caused millions of people to...

Advent Week 3

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Week 3 (Dec 10-Dec 16) Read Luke 2:8-20. The shepherds were “in the same region,” doing their normal job. They didn’t know that God’s love was changing the world ... right in their neighborhood! Do you think it’s possible that God is working in your...

Advent Week 2

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Week 2 (Dec 3-Dec 9) Read Matthew 1:18-25. Mary and Joseph were engaged to be married, but they got a surprise. Imagine how that must have felt for both Mary and Joseph. What kinds of difficult conversations do you think they had? Everyone has expectations for how they think life will go...