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Reaching Out at Halloween

Posted by Kendal Hommes on

Have you ever had a bad day, a bad week, or even longer. I had a bad September. It started with a vacation to Cabo where we experienced Tropical Storm Linda and had multiple days with no electricity and no running water. We returned home to a death in our family and then multiple family members...

Commitment Weekend

Posted by Phil EuBank on

The night before Christmas was always really special as a kid. The anticipation of what would be under the tree waiting in the morning and all the fun of the festivities that surrounded it. As a kid, if you would have told me that I would enjoy giving gifts as a parent as much as I do I...


Posted by Robin Kluever on

Bullying can happen anywhere and to anyone. We want to help stop bullying at church, school, online, and in the community. Some feel that bullying is a normal right of passage in growing up. It isn’t!! There will always be conflicts between kids, but bullying is intentional cruelty...


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by: Phil Bettison, Early Elementary Pastor,  Johnny Kluever, Preteen Pastor  & Matt Feria, Middle School Pastor Fall can be a difficult time. Summer was fun, schedules were crazy, and getting “back into the groove” has it challenges. But, once a rhythm is established...

Hurricane Harvey and How We Can Help

Posted by Steve Finkill on

If you're like me, the reports that are coming out of Texas in the last few days have been overwhelming. Many of us have friends or family that live in Texas in the path of Hurricane Harvey, so the struggles and devastation that have come along with the storm have carried a very personal...