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Staff Transition

Posted by Rick Feria on

Rick Feria, Care Pastor The older I get, the more I realize that life is a sequence of different seasons. God has allowed me to be in full-time ministry/people work for the past 30 years--the last 14 being here. I came on staff as the church's first Family Life Pastor when we were smaller and...

Advent| Week One | Hope

Posted by Kendal Hommes on

CHRISTMAS AT THE MOVIES | A Christmas Carol Read | 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 I love this Advent season, I love Thanksgiving and being together with family. I love the lead up to Christmas with decorations, lights, good food, hot chocolate and I even love Christmas shopping. For many people it is...

Halloween- love it or hate it?

Posted by Kendal Hommes on

Quick Question for you. Do you love Halloween or hate Halloween? Halloween is one of the most polarizing holidays, people either totally love Halloween or absolutely hate it. In my family growing up we didn’t really get that into it, but my siblings and I always went trick or treating...

Hurricane Florence- How can you help?

Posted by Eastern HIlls Community on

Drone photos of local flooding in Belhaven, North Carolina on Saturday, September 15, 2018. Photo: The Journal News-USA TODAY NET Last week Hurricane Florence swept through several eastern states. Many families were forced to evacuate and even more are dealing with the flood waters and...

Chick-fil-A is closing!

Posted by Phil EuBank on

Have you ever wanted Chick-fil-A on a Sunday? My guess is that unless you’re a vegetarian the answer is yes but you know you can’t ever have it on a Sunday, the business isn’t open anywhere that day of the week. But for the Chick-fil-A just a few blocks from us they will be...

Morning Routines

Posted by Phil Bettison on

Growing up, my dad would drive over an hour one way to work. Every night, he would lay out his clothes, which included a dress shirt and tie, socks, wallet, shoes and belt, have the coffee maker prepped and his mug and spoon ready by its side, and his lunch would be packed and sitting in the...