Whether you've been following Jesus for 20 minutes or 20 years, He always invites you to take a next step.

But maybe you're not sure how or where to begin or what's next.

We want to help! Cultivate is a short term group designed to provide a safe environment to help you better understand what it means to follow Jesus, discover your unique purpose, pursue community and connection, and explore the next step in your faith journey.

Starting in January we will be doing a special edition of Cultivate for families.

Have you wondered what it looks like to practically be God-Centered and put your Family-First? We have developed a unique Cultivate opportunity for your whole family to better understand how to cultivate growth personally, with your family, and in community.
Join us for three weeks starting on January 26 where we'll provide dinner for everyone before we split off into our Cultivate classes. Childcare will be available with RSVP for birth through 5th grade. Middle school kids will go to Middle School Midweek.