Re:Vision Overview


Re:Vision will make better spaces
to clearly share
better life in Jesus.

Between now and October of
2020, we will engage in a
3-year campaign
to raise
$3 million to make
significant upgrades

to our large group environments
and parking lot
without incurring
any new debt.




The only way for us to see Re:Vision
happen is if we work together.
Ten years ago,
a group of committed people
sacrificed so that we could
be here today. 

What will you sacrifice to
lay the foundation
for the next 10 years? 




We're asking everyone who is
apart of Eastern Hills
to make a 1-time offering
and a 3-year commitment
to Re:Vision. 

What could you give
that will make it possible
for us to reach further, grow stronger,
and partner everyday
to share better life in Jesus?



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