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Morning Routines

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Growing up, my dad would drive over an hour one way to work. Every night, he would lay out his clothes, which included a dress shirt and tie, socks, wallet, shoes and belt, have the coffee maker prepped and his mug and spoon ready by its side, and his lunch would be packed and sitting in the fridge. Everything that he needed for the morning was prepared the night before.

I am not my dad. There’s a chance on Sundays that I’ll be ready for Monday with my lunch sitting in the fridge, but more often than not, I’m scrambling to pack food and groggily emptying out the previous day’s k-cup.

Finding a morning routine that works for you might not involve setting out e.v.e.r.y.thing the night before, but my dad has wisdom: be intentional ahead of time. Answer the questions tonight about your needs tomorrow: lunch? clothes? what is your most important task for tomorrow?  shower rotation?

Include your young children in getting ready for the next day. As they get older, the responsibility can then be passed onto them - and with it, the consequences of poor planning. Forgot to prep your lunch? I’m sure dinner will taste that much better later!

Life is a little faster paced now that I’m older and not living in rural Missouri, so the need is greater to plan ahead.  Plus, it’s fun to include my kids in getting ready for tomorrow, today. We get to talk about what we’re doing, what we’re excited for, what we’re anxious about.

A morning routine is works better when the routine begins the night before.

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