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Becoming an Inviting Family

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Engaging in 3 key relationships.

I wanted to push the reset button on our year long theme here at Eastern Hills of “Becoming an Inviting Family”. We introduced this theme back in September and asked people to choose “3 key relationships” and begin investing in them. Why is this so important you might ask?

We believe that Jesus makes life better. Therefore, we want everyone around us to know that.

Your friends need you to tell them, show them, convince them, that Jesus makes life better.

Here’s what you can do.

First of all pick 3 key relationships, (people who don’t know Jesus) they might be people from your kids school, from your kids sports team, a co-worker, a neighbor, a family friend, even someone in your family.

Here are 3 ways that you can work at becoming an inviting family with these 3 people.

  1. Invest in the relationship.
    1. Find opportunities to have conversations.
    2. Do things together
    3. Be intentional about interacting with them
    4. Share a meal together
    5. Go out for coffee
    6. Share a hobby
  2. Pray for these 3 people
    1. Pray for their family
    2. Pray for God to give you opportunities to connect
    3. Pray that God would soften their heart toward Himself
    4. Pray for any struggles you know they are having
    5. Ask them how you can pray for them.
  3. Invite them
    1. Invite them to have lunch/dinner with you
    2. Invite them to a playdate with your kids
    3. Invite them to watch the SuperBowl (or other sporting events) with you
    4. Invite them to an invitation event put on by church.
    5. Invite them to a weekend service.

If you chose 3 key relationships at the beginning of this ministry year, are they still the right ones? Do you need to update your key 3? Have you done anything to invest in your key 3 relationships?

If not, let this be a reminder to you. You selected 3 people to invest in, pray for, and invite into life with you. Be creative and figure out ways to let the people around you know that Jesus makes your life better. And…

If you haven’t chosen 3 key relationships now is your chance, choose 3 people and get started. We want everyone around us to know that Jesus makes life better.

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