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Update on the Family Pastor Search

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team (noun)

a group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project

Teams are really important, especially if you’re trying to do something significant. The team needs to work together well … and … you need the right people on the team.

For the past few months, we’ve been in a search for a key role on the Eastern Hills team: our next Family Pastor. Vanderbloemen Search Group has been helping us with this search, to find the very best people who could possibly fill this critical role on our team.

Candidate Visits

Over each of the next two weekends (February 24-25 and March 3-4), a candidate for the Family Pastor role will be visiting. We’ve identified these two people as the best of the best to fill the role on our team of leading our efforts to partner with families.

We’re hoping that after these two weekends, we will make an offer to one of those two candidates to join our team. That’s not a guaranteed outcome, of course, but we’re hopeful that will happen.

Please be praying for these candidates as well as our leadership team over the next few weeks. We want God to lead all of us as we continue to build the Eastern Hills team for the purpose of reaching families that are close to us but far from God with the powerful message that Jesus makes life better!

High School Pastor Plan

As soon as the Family Pastor position on the team is filled, we will move quickly into the High School Pastor search process. We think it’s important for the new Family Pastor to be a part of the process of finding the next High School Pastor, as they will work very closely together.

The Interim Solution

Our current staff, both in kids and students, are doing a fantastic job of filling the gaps of both Family Pastor and High School Pastor. Other staff members are stepping up to help as well so that we can continue to move forward and serve our kids and students well, even during this interim time.

If you have any questions about what is currently happening in kids and students or about the search processes for either of these positions, contact Steve Finkill, Executive Pastor of Ministries, by either emailing him or calling the church office during the week.

We’re excited about the team that God has put together at Eastern Hills, which includes all of you! And we’re looking forward with anticipation to when these next two key team members have joined the team and we’re working together to partner with families and point them to Jesus.

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Sore Loser

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Are you a sore loser?

I taught middle school drama. To clarify, it was the stage kind of drama. The students needed no help creating their own drama. Middle school theatre. Fun, right? Oh yeah! I had a blast. I only taught for one year, so I have quite a bit of experience. (that’s a joke). I’m a big proponent of giving students opportunities, so I tried really hard to cast as many students as possible in the spring musical. Not everyone had speaking roles, but I would find a place for everyone on stage.

For this particular production, there were three, THREE students, that auditioned for a specific role, weren’t best for that role, so were offered parts in the chorus. After a few emails and a phone call with the students and parents as to why they weren’t suited for the role, I encouraged them to participate in the chorus, still get stage time, and gain experience. Only one chose to continue with the show and learned quite a bit. The student later came back to thank me for encouraging them to keep on the course. The other two dropped the production before it even began. I’m not sure what they learned from the experience, but I know they didn’t learn anything about performing on stage. Or about the character trait of working hard even when you don’t get what you want.

I’ll admit, I was a sore loser growing up and I taught myself not to participate in activities unless I knew I would be successful. Games weren’t games because I wanted to win. So, I missed out on a lot. I saw that my friends didn’t like playing with a competitive sore loser. I had a nickname that I’d rather not share, but it starts with “take a chill pill”. As a parent, what can you do for your children? There are pressures to succeed, to win, but there are more things to learn from failure than from winning.

If you see “sore loser” syndrome in your kids, here are some helpful things you can do:

Model:  How do YOU react when you’re not successful? Your children are watching you, whether they are 3 years old or 18 years old.

Don’t intentionally let your child win:  When you’re playing board games or sports, let your child lose! Practice losing in a good way.

Practice being a good winner:  When your child does win at something, help them remember what it feels like to lose and have them show kindness and empathy to those they played with. Shake a hand, say, “thanks for playing with me!”. Have them focus on the joy of playing, regardless of who won or lost.

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