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What's High School Weekend All About?

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High School Weekend is a place for students to come once a month to be together, laugh together, and ask questions about life and God together. High schoolers from our community enter into the front doors of Eastern Hills and are greeted by music and lawn games set up in the lobby. After a short hangout time, they make their way to the youth room where they get to enjoy an amazing, home-cooked meal around circular tables that foster a sense of community. 

The rest of the night is filled with laughter as adult leaders dress up as characters and lead games, a time of fun and intimate worship, and a time of culturally relevant teaching from an adult who invests in the lives of the students. There are themes for each night, and each theme provides students to look forward to different elements of the night.

In a time when social media, brief interactions, and plenty of exterior stressors dominate the lives of our high school students, we are working hard to provide them with a space to come and experience the real and authentic relationships with each other and with Jesus. Students in our community have the opportunity to come hear about the hope and love only Jesus can offer.  They will also hear and experience stories of lives being changed through relationship with Jesus.  If you're in grades 9-12, come and check out our High School Weekend!


It's about the Invitation

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So we’ve had a pretty incredible stretch of reach out events and possibilities this fall. Many of you threw Halloween parties in your neighborhoods. We had over 600 volunteers (many of whom don’t go to Eastern Hills) pack and deliver over 1200 meals for Mountains of Mercy. We are ice skating at Southlands this week, and even having Santa land in a helicopter for our Santa Fly-In event on Sunday afternoon. All of these events are awesome, they have impacted people around us, and they are a ton of fun. However, you know what makes them Reach Out events? It’s when we invite our friends and neighbors to experience them with us.

So here’s the question, are you inviting people? Are you meeting your neighbors, are you reaching out, or are you just hoping people show up?

This Christmas season is a great time for Reaching Out. Check out your weekend program over the next few weeks for ways that you can reach out in your neighborhood. It’s so fun to bake Christmas cookies and you can avoid the calories by giving them to your neighbors. Make up  some plates and bring them to your neighbors. Shovel their driveway, bring them a meal, go caroling, hang up some lights on their house if they don’t have any. (That last one might be going too far) Then invite them, invite them to Christmas Eve. Yes, it’s a risk, it might change your relationship, but it also might change their lives. People are more likely to go to church at Christmas than any other time of the year, so why not get out there and invite someone. Give them the opportunity to see that life with Jesus is better.

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