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Who Would Ask That?

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“How much does it cost to check my kids in on a weekend?”

“Where do I schedule an appointment to come to your services?”

“Who’s allowed to come to your church?”

I think I find myself assuming that people understand what church is like and how to engage in weekend experiences for themselves and for their family. I make the assumption that if they’re not here it’s because they’ve considered it with the right information and decided it wasn’t for them. My expectation, if I don’t challenge it, is that an invitation from me really doesn’t make a difference. Those assumptions are wrong.

The questions above were asked by real people who live unbelievably close to us and are far from God. The assumptions we make about their understanding are often way too high given their lack of experience with church. Many of the people we interact with are brilliant and insightful but they just don’t go to church and we think they know what we know about church. They just don’t.

Around Easter a lot of people are hoping to go to church but they need some help to know where it’s safe to go and what it means to participate in something for that day. More than that, they want to know if there are people they know that can help them understand how it all works and to invite them into a connection with God beyond that one day.

Here’s where we come in. We get to care about the people that are close to us but far from God enough to share an invitation to church.

As Easter approaches, are you willing to change your schedule and habits to invite a coworker, neighbor or family member to experience Easter in a new way? They may have left church a long time ago or never gone at all but you could be the reason they give God another chance this Easter.

You could be the spark in their life that God uses to change the rest of their life and eternity—with an invitation and willingness to answer any question they have. I’m praying God puts a hunger in you to do just that this spring.

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Gener-US changed US

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Have you ever had an experience that you knew immediately would change you forever? When I was twelve I was playing baseball with a friend when I saw a little girl choking across the street. She was about two years old and she had decided to try eating a piece of sidewalk chalk. In that moment I didn’t think a whole lot about it but I ran over and gave her a modified heimlich maneuver to dislodge the chalk and she was ok, which is more than I can say for my really cool white cargo pants with chalk stains on them.

It put something in me though: where there was need I was going to be the kind of person that rose to meet that need. I wasn’t going to look the other way or wait for someone else to step in. I want to be that kind of husband, dad and leader—who doesn’t?

We all watch the challenges and headlines around us and it’s easy to just drift into complacency. But over the past four weeks you rejected the voyeurism of our world and engaged in fresh and new ways as a community. THANK YOU!

Here are just a few highlights from the past few weeks:

  • We had hundreds of you give online for the first time to help Stop Hunger Now (a.k.a. Rise Against Hunger) by providing 140,000 meals for people in need around the world.
  • Your ongoing generosity sent $10,000 to one of our Denver Ministry Partners, Sox Place, to help homeless teens and young adults break the cycle and find a safe place with safe people.
  • A man in our community named Oscar felt compelled to pay off his niece's mortgage!
  • Families in our church took the initiative to deliver food and supplies to homeless in our community!
  • Through Financial Peace University we saw God free people of $100,000 in debt and save $41,000 in only 9 weeks!

When I helped that little girl I was given a medal … can you believe it?! It felt a little crazy at the time, but it was a good marker and reminder for me of the person I wanted to become. I wish I could give every one of you a medal for how you’ve allowed God to use you. But like we’ve talked about throughout this series—God is laying up for you treasures in heaven that are eternal and protected. You’re investing in the right kingdom and I’ve never been more honored to be your Pastor.

Grace and peace,


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