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Help Bring Hope

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Dear Eastern Hills Family, 

It has been an incredible joy to get started in this journey together over the last few months. I’ve savored so many incredible experiences and watched God transform homes, marriages, and lives with the power of Jesus’ message for life change. I know that we are all gearing up for our summer plans to soak in some great Colorado weather, sports, and weekend adventures. I wanted to make sure you know that our financial year ends on June 30th and begins on July 1st; your continued generosity is critical to the life of what we do at Eastern Hills as well as the partners we support all around the world. 

I had a preaching professor early on who used to say, “People usually remember how you land the plane.” I would love for us to celebrate a great landing as this fiscal year ends and our new one begins in July. We can literally see the harvest fields outside our building with new homes and families looking for hope that your generosity allows us to reach out and give them. In addition to everything we do right here on our campus, we have prepared a ministry plan and budget that is one of the most generous towards our community and ministry partners ever—it’s gonna be incredible!

  • If you’ve never given before, this is a great time to try it.
  • If you’ve given a couple times, this might be a great time to pray and ask God for direction on what a regular giving pattern looks like for you.
  • If you’re a regular financial partner with us…THANK YOU, and this may be a season you feel called to give above and beyond.

There are a number of ways to give—during services in the offering, mailing a contribution to the building, on our NEW website at http://www.ehills.org/give or through our new APP (search Eastern Hills Aurora in the iOS and Android App Stores). 

We have SO MUCH to look forward to as a community as we love people and share the great news that The Gospel is for everyone. And thanks for your continued investment and involvement. There are incredible days ahead!

Grace and peace,


Your generosity has not only blessed our church, but in this past year, God enabled us to:

  1. Purchase, pack, and distribute 72,150 meals to those in need around the world.
  2. Provide over 2,100 meals for at-risk kids during the school year.
  3. Give over 200 gifts for families in need at Christmas.
  4. Feed 160 adults and children every month.
  5. Provide a home for 70 orphans to call their own in Zambia.
  6. Serve 750 meals to homeless women.
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Staff Role Changes Update

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If you’re alive, you're changing. Without you even realizing it, the cells in your body are dying and being replaced at the rate of somewhere around 50-70 billion cells per day. You’re not exactly the same as you were yesterday … and you won’t be the same tomorrow.

Organizations are always changing, too. We’ve gone through a lot of change in the past year and we’re excited about what it means for our future. Phil, our lead pastor, joined the team at the beginning of March. As you can imagine, that has brought ongoing changes to the staff and the roles that each of us fill. There are three specific changes that we wanted to let you know about.

First, Robin Kluever, who has been our kids pastor since fall of 2014, will be adding Family Ministry (what we refer to as @home ministry) to her scope of responsibilities. That means she will be the point person for developing events and resources that specifically help parents and couples to discover and live God’s way in their homes. She’ll continue to lead our kids ministries as well. Robin’s passion, years of experience, and heart for kids and families makes her the perfect fit for this role.

Second, Steve Finkill, who has most recently been leading our family ministry as well as filling in with preaching on the weekends when we were in the lead pastor search, will be shifting to the role of Executive Pastor of Ministry. Steve will oversee the staff that serve in the areas of Worship, Communications, Care/Missions, Adult Discipleship, Kids, and Students. Steve has experience in leading teams in many different church environments both as a staff member and as a consultant. We’re confident he’ll serve these teams well.

Finally, Fred Vojtsek, who has served as the Executive Pastor for the past few years, will shift to the role of Executive Pastor of Strategy and Staff Development. Fred has helped to guide the staff and leaders of Eastern Hills through the change process of the last few years. Now, he’ll move into a more strategic role of helping us to keep the big picture in mind as we plan and work on the day-to-day stuff of ministry. In addition, Fred will serve as a staff coach, helping staff members in the areas of personal and vocational development. Fred’s background in both strategic planning and executive coaching make him the ideal candidate for this role.

As we continue to grow and develop as an organization, we’ll experience more change in the future. In all of it, we continue to look to God to guide us as we follow Him.

If you’re interested in getting to know the rest of the staff, visit the staff page under the About Us section.