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Advent Week 2

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Week 2 (Dec 3-Dec 9)

Read Matthew 1:18-25.

  • Mary and Joseph were engaged to be married, but they got a surprise. Imagine how that must have felt for both Mary and Joseph. What kinds of difficult conversations do you think they had?
  • Everyone has expectations for how they think life will go. Mary’s pregnancy certainly wasn’t what they were expecting. How did Mary and Joseph react when God changed their plan?
  • What are some expectations you have (or that others have for you) for your life? Are you open to God changing your plan? Why or why not? Remember, God’s plans always flow out of His love for us.

Family Activity

  • Around the dinner table, each talk about a time when your plans were changed and how you reacted. Was it a good reaction or a “needs work” reaction?
  • Pick a family night where your plan is to watch a Christmas movie together.
  • Write a letter to Jesus and thank Him that He was given as our perfect plan for our lives.

Each week leading up to Christmas, pick up an Advent worship guide in the lobby (the previous week's worship guide also available in the lobby). Hang it up as a reminder this season that Love Saved. Included on the back is a devotional and a family element for you to use. Share your journey with us through social media using #lovesaved.

@Home- Clean Slate-the Gift of Grace this Christmas

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Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  We received the Target toy catalog in the mail a few weeks ago.  It is always an exciting day in our house. The kids have been looking through it, circling the things they would like-- dreaming of the GIFTS they will receive on Christmas day.

Here at Eastern Hills, we have just finished our Clean Slate series and I am again reminded of the Gift of grace that Jesus gives us freely. In Psalm 51, David encounters God about his own sin. He is aware of his sinful nature and his inability to fix what he has done.  “Against you, you only have I sinned” (vs. 4a)

He cries out for God’s mercy and forgiveness.  And God delivers.  Even in our darkest moments, he cleanses us from our sin, restores and renews us.

So as we head into this season, thinking about all of the gifts we still need to purchase and the things we need to do...we celebrate the GIFT God extended to David and to us. The gift of his Son, the gift of undeserved forgiveness. The gift of Grace.

We’d love for you stay connected this Season to remembering what God has done for us. Pick up an Advent Devotional each weekend here at Eastern Hills or check them out on ehills.org/our-blog. Follow along and participate in the devotions and Advent Family Activities included. Share your journey with us on social media at #lovesaved.

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