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Reaching out into our High School

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Photo: Young Life’s first ever event at Cherokee Trail High School, where 30 high school students came and heard (possibly for the first time) that God is for them.

My Story:

I started going to Young Life as a middle schooler and continued all throughout High School. While in Young Life as a high schooler my life was completely changed when I began my walk with the Lord at 16 years old. Both my heart and my life were completely changed by the adults known as Young Life leaders as they relentlessly pursued a friendship with me and over time earned the right to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with me. There has been nothing that that has ever brought me more joy, authenticity, community, and the life to the full that God intended than getting to be a part of Young Life over the past 10 years.      

I have felt a specific calling in ministry within the Cherry Creek school district, and I am now on  full-time staff starting Cherokee Trail Young Life, and with Eastern Hills Community Church’s high school youth group.

What is Young Life?

In Young Life, we believe that every kid has the right to hear about Jesus Christ. We believe in the power of presence, in meeting kids exactly where they are at. We believe that the gospel is presented simply by just showing up for kids. We believe that kids don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. We believe in adults earning the right to be heard with students. We believe in sharing our lives with students. We believe “that there is no price too high pay to see to it that young people have a chance to know the savior. That's not just what Young Life’s all about, that's all that Young Life’s all about” -Jim Rayburn (Founder of Young Life, 1941). We believe, alongside Eastern Hills, that the Gospel is for everyone.

Young Life Club:

We like to think of club as a party with a purpose. Kids gather for an hour a week for controlled chaos, music, games, laughter, that is almost impossible to describe. It’s a place that every kid should feel welcome, seen, and loved. And before the party ends, we share a simple message, by a leader that kids know and trust, about God's love for them. After all, that's what the celebration is all about.

Young Life Leaders:

We believe that kids lives are drastically changed when caring adults come alongside them and genuinely take interest in their joys, failures, heartbreaks, doubts, and struggles. A lot of times, all it takes is one adult believing in a student for them to begin to see the meaning, purpose and worth their own life has.

Eastern Hills and Young Life at Cherokee Trail HS Partnership:

Our vision with this partnership is that Young Life will go to students at Cherokee Trail and meet the furthest out kids, or in other words, the students that may never set foot in a church. And as we do life with these students we earn the right to tell them about Jesus, and prayerfully hope that they will become followers of Jesus. Often one of the hardest parts for adolescents that begin a walk with the Lord is getting connected to a Church, and our dream is to bridge that gap. And through this partnership, we not only have a place to plug students into, (The Well, our high school ministry) but the big dream is that this changes whole family systems and brings family after family through our Church doors.  

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We can Learn to Fight Fair

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Have you been following this election? Or the national anthem controversy? Or foreign hacking stuff? Or Ryan Lochte? We’re not even through 2016 and we’ve had a mountain of drama. And that’s not even including the stuff in our own families, neighborhoods and workplaces. It’s like we’re addicted to the latest controversy till the next one pops up. While it might seem inevitable to face these things in our world today, there is a way to respond that looks very different.

Most people are surprised to learn that Jesus had a little brother named James. James didn’t believe that his big brother was God (who would?!) until after He rose from the dead, seems like that would convince most of us to rethink our perspective. It’s like James was making up for lost time but he became a key leader in the early church and was eventually killed for following his brother with the rest of his life.

His thoughts in the letter he wrote in the New Testament are some of the most direct and challenging in the whole Bible. He gives us lots of help around how we practically live out our faith, even when the world seems so different than the way God built us all to live and love.

I think whether you call yourself a Christian or you’re just wondering how to cut through the noise of the fighting and controversy all around you, James has some things that can help. We’re going to spend a few weeks looking at four key passages that can help shed light on a different set of approaches to the drama in our lives and world today.  As a matter of fact I think James can show us how to go from fighting about things and with people to fighting for people and the things that really matter.

Just imagine what a community committed to fighting fair could look like.  We could be change makers in the relationships we’re in and the places we go. Don’t let what comes natural for your conflicts blind you to the supernatural path of hope and peace.

I hope you’ll consider joining us each weekend on Saturdays at 5p or Sundays at 9a & 11a.

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