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New Year's Resolutions- Did you make one?

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I’ve decided to answer texts more quickly. I can easily mull over a simple response for several hours. I’ve also decided to tell people when I’m praying for them or when I’m thinking about them. Did you make a new year’s resolution? Was it health related? Spiritual? Mental?

We’re currently in a series called “margin” at ehills. (Watch the series kickoff message on finances). Let’s be honest…we tend to live life all out, going 100 miles an hour, doing a lot of stuff, without much room for generosity or rest. I push the limits of my finances, my time, my work, my relationships, trying to squeeze every last drop that I can for today.

At the end of the day when you drain every resource though, that can leave your cup pretty empty. The awesome part of a life with Christ is that your cup runs over and the well we draw from is never ending and eternal. But, here’s a question I ask myself: Did I pour out for the things I think are best? Or did I pour myself out onto the things that promote life and sharing the Gospel?

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Christmas Advent Devotion Week 5

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Week 5 (Dec 24-Dec 25)

Read Matthew 2:1-18.

  • The wise men would not have been Jewish. Their arrival is one of the first indications that Jesus came for the whole world, not just the people of Israel. What groups of people do you unconsciously (or consciously) exclude from God’s love? Why or why not? What does this story show us about that?
  • God wanted the wise men to find Jesus so much that He sent them a star to guide them! How could we go out of our way this Christmas to show God’s love to the people around us? And maybe especially to people we wouldn’t normally notice?

Family Activity

  • Check out books from the library about how people celebrate Christmas in other nations.
  • Cut your lunch sandwiches into the shape of stars and talk about the original Christmas star.
  • Think of someone in your class or neighborhood that you don't even know their name. Pray each day at dinner that God will make a way for you to show that person love this week and maybe start a new friendship.

week leading up to Christmas, pick up an Advent worship guide in the lobby (the previous week's worship guide also available in the lobby). Hang it up as a reminder this season that Love Saved. Included on the back is a devotional and a family element for you to use. Share your journey with us through social media using #lovesaved.

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