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Unending Change Within

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As we follow Jesus, we discover that He makes life better … and we get better at life. It truly and deeply changes us, and that change is never done.

I’ve been a coach since I was in college. The very first team I coached was a middle school baseball team. I had about 30 guys and no assistant coach. It was a mess. Since then I have coached guys from 5 years old to seniors in high school. I’ve also coached people in professional development situations, and you know what makes all the difference in the people you are coaching? It is whether or not they are coachable. Nothing is more frustrating than having a 12-year-old roll their eyes at you when you try to tell them to hold their glove differently or try swinging the bat in a different way.  At 12 years old they have it all figured out and they know how to do everything right. But when you have someone that is coachable, they always want to continue learning, they are willing to try new things if it will help them get better. I’ll take coachable kids over really talented kids any day.

It’s like that in our relationship with Jesus. As we follow Jesus it should be our desire to be more like him. Our thoughts, our actions, our passions- do they continue to look more and more like Jesus?  We never really get there. Jesus was perfect and we’re not. We’re always going to have places for improvement. When we follow Jesus we realize that He can make our life better and we can get better at life. However, this takes some work on our part, it means continually allowing our messed up and broken lives to be put back together by Jesus.

When we say that Jesus makes life better, and when we say that we should become more like Jesus, I think some of us don’t know how to do that or what that looks like. How do I continue to have unending change within? It feels like a very intangible thing to shoot for. How do I know if I’m headed in the right direction?  How do I know if I’m getting better? How do I do it? I think this is where it’s like coaching. I can’t guarantee you're going to get better, but if you do the drills, the exercises, and the workouts, we can expect that you’re going to get better because of what you’re doing. It’s the same with our spiritual life. We can’t guarantee unending change within, but if you follow the 5 previous rhythms for a better life...

  • Daily time with God
  • Weekly time in worship.
  • Regular time with community
  • Consistent investment in my key 3 relationships
  • Ongoing habits of generosity & service

...and continue to make them a part of your life, you can expect that you’ll continue to see unending change within.

So the question is, are you coachable? Have you arrived in your relationship with God? Are you a good enough follower of Jesus? Or do you realize that God still has more to teach you, that you still need to be changed from the inside out? Jesus makes life better. We believe that. Practice these rhythms, choose to be coachable...and desire unending change within.

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Ongoing Habits of Generosity and Service

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We might have heard it said, that those who can, do.  And those who can do more, volunteer. That is something that was modeled for me by my parents, and it’s something I want to model for my girls.  Whether it’s serving on a Point Crew team at church, being a Watch Dog Dad at school, or serving on the PTCO, I regularly remind my head and my heart that this life is not all about me.  “But, you don’t know my schedule,” you might say. Or, “I’m way too busy to help out.” And, “I can hardly keep my head above water.” All fair statements, but we all make time for what’s important.  So that’s why we create margin within our family to save space and time for those opportunities.

Potentially the biggest way we can demonstrate this is through our finances.  Not many things in our Western society are as important to us than our money. We work hard for our money.  We need our money to support our lifestyles. But, is it really our money?  When we shift the idea that our money is actually God’s money, the whole equation changes.  I’m a spreadsheet and numbers guy, so I like things to make mathematical sense.  In God’s economy, formulas don’t always compute the way my brain thinks they should.  How in the world am I supposed to give away money right off the top and still have enough money left over for my mortgage, utilities, car payment, and Starbucks coffee?  Plus, I’ve found that real joy comes in growing my giving over time. How does it work? Don’t ask me, but somehow God’s Excel spreadsheet ties out every time.

For me, life is about giving over getting.  And the funny thing is, the more I give, the more I seem to get.

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