Welcome to Eastern hills

Eastern Hills is an ever-expanding circle of people who are following Jesus. By trusting Jesus and following him, we are experiencing more and more of the life we were created to live.

Take a minute to stop at our GUESTHOUSE out front. We can give you a bit of information about us and help direct you where you need to go.


If you’re new here at Eastern Hills or just new to church, we would love to meet you and hear your story. Next is a casual time to have a conversation about church—not just our church, but church in general. If you have questions about how to take your next step or about how to connect at Eastern Hills, join us in Lacuna at 12:30pm (right after the 11am service) to meet some of the staff at an open house-style lunch and coffee. 

Upcoming NEXT  dates are: October 20 and November 24. 

For more information about Next, contact Dustin Kershner, our Connections Pastor.