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Steve Finkill

Steve Finkill

Executive Pastor of Ministries

Where were you born? 

  • Columbia, MD 

What's your favorite food? 

  • Beef cheeseburger from Ted's Montana Grill. And don't put a salad on my burger! Just beef and cheese. And maybe bacon. Definitely bacon.

What's your hidden talent? 

  • I can raise one eyebrow like Dr. Spock used to on the original Star Trek

What are your hobbies? 

  • Golf, especially with my son Zach

What's your favorite sports team? 

  • Sorry Denver, I like the New York Yankees. The Denver Broncos are in my top 3 though, so simmer down.

Who's in my family?

  • My wife, Carrie and kids, Val, Zach and Kimmie